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Matteo Moschella
Contacts: 0450 695 329.
Fort St, Petersham 2049,

 Graduate with time-management and communication abilities put together over the years while studying and pursuing a career as a journalist in Italy. A positive attitude and the ability to work on deadline and under pressure (developed through internships and volunteering opportunities) complete the skills of a young and motivated person. Furthermore I am an Italian mother tongue, proficient in English and able to speak in Spanish and German thanks to long periods spent in each country. This is my second time in Australia and in Sydney.

Recent Work Experience Placement 

  • September 2015 – April 2016

Freelance Contributor, Repubblica degli Stagisti (, Milan, Italy.

Pitched and wrote several stories about education, local employment policies in Milan area and online resources for job seeking aimed at young professionals and students. Worked on social media and on the website community to promote articles, develop stories and involve the public.

  • December 2015 – Present

Events organizer/photographer , CUS Asd Milan, Via Circonvallazione Idroscalo, 11, 20090 Segrate, Italy

CUS is the University Sports Centre of the University of Milan, founded in 1947 that promotes the practice for over sixty years and the expansion of sport and physical education for students. I have helped the setting up of promotional events and acted as a photographer working with journalists.

  • August 2015 – November 2015

Clerk/Cashier, Il Libraccio S.p.a. Via Vittorio Veneto, Milan, Italy

Il Libraccio is the main second-hand schoolbooks bookseller in Italy. As a clerk there I was in charge of selling new and used books, identifying clients needs and coordinating our online service and platform. Responded to all customer enquiries, providing support and guidance as required.

  • September 2013 – December 2015

Staff writer and editor, Fabergiornale. Via Cimarosa, Milan, Italy

Wrote on Milan university students and local related news. Followed students protests and youth activism against organized crime. Attended and reported sessions of the city council and mafia related lawsuits. Helped to set up fundraising events for the student newspaper.

  • May 2015 – August 2015

Intern, Via Luigi Razza, 8, 20124 Milan, Italy is an Italian online newspaper, which focuses on football transfers. As a desk intern I wrote articles, made phone interviews to foreign correspondants and worked on social media and worked to report my own stories around the city of Milan.

  • July 2010 – July 2015

Radio host, writer, Radio Blabla, Via Adige 12, Milan, Italy

Co-developed wrote and hosted several different shows, the first about young social workers (and entrepreneurs), the second about sports events. Pitched and produced dozens of stories interviewing young bloggers, artists, and events organizers. Also covered sports events with dedicated transmissions and commentaries. Helped to promote the community radio.


  •  January 2014 – Present

Event organizer/volounteer, Bambini in Romania (Bir), Via Cavalcabò 10, Milan, Italy

As a volunteer I was part of a group who organized visit to a jail for underage people in Milan. We organized activities and games with the inmates as well as cultural events. Participated in promotion events and Job and Volunteering Fairs as a representative.

  • September 2012 – December 2015

Radio supervisor and speaker, Radio Statale and Radio Bla Bla, Milan, Italy

Helped coordinating and setting up the University radio of my University. I was able to do that thanks to the fact that I have worked for many years as a sound engineer and director for some web community radios in Milan.


  • University of Milan, Italy (2012 -2016) Bachelor – Politics and Sociology

University of Goettingen, Germany (March – August 2014) – Semester Abroad (German courses)

  • London School of Journalism, UK (August 2011) – Summer School in Journalism

Additional courses in English: Business Communication at UNSW, Australia 2016 – British Council, Italy 2014 – Language School Portsmouth, United Kingdom 2010 – Sidmouth International school, United Kingdom 2009 -2004)

 Languages: Italian: Mother tongue English: proficient Spanish: intermediate German: basic

Other: Ready to work full-time and part time. Working Holiday Visa, able to work in Australia